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Kami Jensen, NE

Adopted 12/2017

Healthy & happy puppy from a quality breeder and excellent service provider. This place is awesome.


Adopting a Furbaby

             Here at our farm, we strive to raise happy healthy puppies.  We spend a lot of time selecting the right dogs for our program and raising those dogs!  Our pack is a big part of our daily life.  When it's time for puppies to arrive we pamper our mommas and prepare for what we hope are healthy puppies. Significant time and effort go into tending to momma and her pups, as well. Taking puppy pictures can be extremely difficult at times, so please bear with us as we try to get these little nuggets to hold still for a decent picture.


            When it's time to find the right home for the puppies we require communication to get to know you, where the pup would live, and about your lifestyle.  We also want to help you learn everything we can about the breed you have chosen, so feel free to ask questions and we will do our best to answer to the best of our ability. 


           We are passionate about finding great homes for our babies.  Once we find the right puppy for you and your family, deposit is required to hold the puppy, no puppy will be held without a deposit. It is very important to read the deposit agreement.  You can download a sample of it below.  We also require everyone to sign puppy buying contract weather you are buying with full rights or limited rights. Again, a sample is available for download so you can read it before committing to your puppy.

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