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Puppy socialization.

Puppy socialization starts with the breeder and continues in your home. Your puppy should be highly socialized when you bring him/her home. Early socialization is important to having a confident well-adjusted dog. During the first three months of their life will play a huge role in their future personalities and how they react to different things. The breeder should gently expose the puppies to new people, sounds, different textures, smells and situations. Doing this at an early age can make a huge difference in their temperament of your pup. How you continue to socialize your pup after you get home is also very important. You'll want to introduce the pup to new things slowly and safely. Introducing the puppy to the new sights smells and sounds in your home is extremely important. Try to come up with as many different things as you can think of to expose the puppy to like, new people, places, sounds, and different textures such as carpet hard wood floors etc. Introducing them to people may seem simple and easy but most owners don't think to expose them to all different people for example people with beards wearing sunglasses or in wheelchairs.

You also want to make sure you make the experiences positive. When introducing new things make sure they are getting an appropriate number of treats. Make sure the whole family is involved in the socialization process. That lets the dog know that they could possibly experience something new no matter who they are with.

Take your puppies into public. Taking your puppy into public can really help with socializing, but you want to do this safely so your pup doesn't get sick. You'll want to make sure your pup is fully vaccinated before going into public.

If you end up running into training problems with your puppy you should be able to reach out to your breeder and ask for suggestions.

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