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Its Saturday and today's meet and greet is Tilly!

Before I introduce tilly, I want to mention the part of are paperwork that talks about contacting us first if you have to give up your baby from us for any reason and any age. We produce these wonderful little critters; we want to make sure do not end in shelters or bad situations. This is how we ended up with her.

Tilly was placed when she was a baby and a couple years later, we were contacted by her owners, they needed to bring her back. We picked her up and she was the sweetest girl, so we decided to keep her. Tilly has given some of sweetest puppies, she definitely passes on her sweet personality. Tilly enjoys tormenting the cats and the younger up and coming beagles. She is also a huge couch potato. Tilly just retired and is looking for a retirement home. She is house trained, and kennel trained. She is good with other dogs and loves children.

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