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Hey! Have your meet our dogs or myself?

Have you met our dogs or myself? Starting tomorrow I am going to make a daily post introducing the “dog of the day” and tell you a little bit about them. Tonight, I am going to tell you a little about myself for the ones who don't know me. My name is Nina I am the face behind Nmn kennels. I started Rasing beagles in 2009 and a few years later I discovered my love for the Australian Shepherd. We live on a farm in southern lowa where the dogs spend their time lounging in the shade, swimming in the ponds or following me around on the side by side. Our dogs do have a building to be in when we are gone for their safety. We are inspected by the state of Iowa and Akc so all the dog's living conditions are up to lowa code. Oûr pups are raised in the house and once old enough they go outside for a bit for some play time. We have pups in loving homes in 30 states and 3 countries, Canada, Alaska and Russia. We cannot thank our supporters enough.

What I've learned over the years in the breeding world is there will always be people who support you and people who try to ruin you.

Another fun fact: People often ask me, how do you get good photos of you dogs and pups, well 1st you need a lot of patience and time 2nd outside photos look the best. 3rd I got into photography about three years ago professionally. If you were interested in seeing some of my work, you can see it on Nmn photography

AGAIN, THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR SUPPORTERS! Stay tuned for tomorrow's dog of the day!

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