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Fun Facts about Beagles!

Did you know... The beagle's nose is extremely sensitive, unlike humans who have about 5 million scent receptors beagle have about 220 million, so when you're trying to be quiet with that cheese wrapper your beagle has probably already smelled it. Also, the beagle's long ears help them while on the scent of something. Their ears actually reach the end of their nose to catch scent particles.

Did you know.... All beagle's tails are white tipped. Their tails act as white flags when they are hunt in tall grass or brushy areas.

Beagle's arent just meant for hunting they actually have many jobs. Beagles are often used to detect bedbugs. The department of homeland security also use beagles in airports. With all the different jobs they have, they still make the very best family pets. They are extremely loyal and adapt well to any lifestyle.

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