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Crate Training.

Why is crate training important. It is not only a helpful tool with potty training, but it also helps prevents property damage, keeps the dog safe and provides them with their own space. Benefits of crate training include contentment is an important life skill for puppies. One of the biggest benefits is that is keeps our pets safe when they are home alone. A puppy left alone to roam will likely cause potty mishaps and could possibly be dangerous for the puppy. They could eat hazardous things or escape from the property. Another reason to crate is most vets, groomer, boarding places all use crates, or if you plan on traveling with your pup you want it to be accustomed to it.

When crate training, you'll want to make sure you have the proper size crate. You don't want one too big for a puppy or they will have accidents in their kennel. Dogs don't like sitting in a dirty kennel, so they typically won't have as many accidents if they don't have the room. You also don't want the crate to be too small where the pup can't move.

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